Are you tired of muddy, dirty floors?

Most mats simply don't get the job done, leaving you with the time-consuming task of constantly needing to clean the floor, only to have your loved ones and pets track mud, dirt, and water into the house again.This is why we created the Absorbent Doormat. The mat that stops dirt at the door even without wiping!

Benefits of using Doormatly


Keeps your home dry and looking great no matter the weather. Reliable to help keep any unwanted dirt or moisture away.

Ultimate solution

Designed for convenience and style. Perfect for any home décor, these mats offer a practical solution that looks great too

Easy to clean

Convenient and easy-to-maintain doormat. Its washer-safe properties make it ideal for busy households that seek an effortless cleaning solution

Durable & long lasting

Doormatly is sturdy and reliable, withstands the wear and tear of time, and keeps your entryway looking pristine for years to come


Simply walk on the mat and the mess stops there.. Doormatly absorbs dirt, mud, and water! Perfect for FEET and PAWS! No more telling guests to remove their shoes!

  • Anti-Skid NEOPRENE backing that's safe on all floors 
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Use it for all seasons
  • Great for pets and kids
  • Absorbent, durable, reliable
  • Traditional rubber-backed mat stains and leaves yellow marks
  • Hard and bulky, always slipping
  • Need to change constantly every month
  • Hard to scrape off the dirt and mud from shoes
  • Sheds, rips, and tears within the first week of purchase

Say goodbye to dirty floors forever!

Simply walk on the mat and the mess stops there.. Doormatly absorbs dirt, mud, and water! Perfect for FEET and PAWS!

No more telling guests to remove their shoes!


Backing that's safe on all floors unlike a traditional rubber backed mat that can stain or even yellow expensive floors. No funny odor or rubber smell.


The non-slip PVC backing lets you wipe your feet thoroughly so that even the most stubborn mud and dust stays at door without you having to take off your shoes.


They are lightweight, 100% Machine washable and low temp dryer safe 
as well. For longer lasting use, we recommend following the instructions.


The high-quality cotton structure absorbs liquid in an instant, while the microfiber locks in the dirt and much.

Absorbs Dirt

Stop the sand, snow, grass, leaves, pine needles, and road salt at the door.


doormat will fit under almost any door.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Lion C.
Still going strong!

I have washed, dried, stomped, beaten, tossed, and scraped these rugs around for months. They are still going strong and holding LOTS of dirt in them from my pets and family. They grip the floor really well and stand up to all our abuse. :)

EXTREMELY absorbent!!!

I cannot believe how absorbent this rug is! It also gets dry sand and mud off shoes well. Once I stepped in water in cotton socks in the kitchen, so stepped onto it to see what would happen. WOW, it actually dried my soaked socks off in just a minute. I couldn't be more impressed with this rug! It grips the floor well, and hasn't moved an inch since I put it down several weeks ago. I plan to get one for the bathroom, to step on when getting out of the shower. I've never had a shower/bath mat that was absorbent like this is. Its appearance is lightweight, thin, and not particularly full or thick of fibers, and the fibers are short. I got the brown to match the floor the best, and it's ok, but not an overly attractive rug. That said, I wouldn't pass it up for any other, since the function is exceptional, and I couldn't be happier with it. I highly recommend this rug!

Jade V.
Service and courtesy

I am extremely happy with this mat. I love the protection it provides for a very lovely rug that I have in my foyer. I love how it adheres to the floor and doesn’t slip on my tile. The color combo is very nice also. The one main thing about this whole buying experience is that when I originally ordered this mat I was in the process of moving and somehow the post office temporarily lost this delivery. So when I contacted the company they immediately shipped out a new mat to me and I received it in only a few days. My whole experience with this company has been superb. You will be most happy if you order this mat.

Amanda D.
High quality and absorbs mud easily

I was very doubtful about this mat at first so I ordered only one to try it. Its safe to say this is a high and super absorbent mat. It has fashion design and I like its color. You don't need to wipe your feet and just step on it, and it will it will absorb dirt, dust, mud. I have also tried setting it next to my cats litter box and it works! It is also very easy to clean. It's Non-slip function will prevent you to skid while you walk on it. I love it so far. Will order more.

Carla M.
I absolutely love these mats

I absolutely love these mats. I ordered one of these last year and loved it so much I ordered 5 more (saved over $60!). These mats truly do absorb water well not only for us but our four-legged friends! I highly recommend!

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